Mycotoxins are invisible metabolic secretions of moulds that are completely unaffected by mould inhibitors and other methods of control. Once mould growth has become established (sometimes not even visible to the eye), it is certain that toxin production has occurred. Or the many known mycotoxins the following are among the most serious and commonly occurring:
· Aflatoxin
· T2-toxin
· Zearalenone
· Vomitoxin
· Ochratoxin

To treat animal feeds and feed ingredients that are known to be contaminated with moulds and mycotoxins.

· Injurious effects and symptoms of mycotoxicosis are alleviated
· Growth rates restored
· More efficient utilization of feed
· Reduced mortality
· Reduction in digestive disorders
· Reduction in reproductive disorders
· Reduction in immune-suppression.

Mode of Action:
Mycobond is a high affinity sorbent that binds mycotoxins found in feeds. In this bound form the harmful toxins pass through the alimentary tract of the bird or animal to be voided in the faeces.
Mycobond thereby helps prevent the absorption of mycotoxins into the body and so protects the animal against their harmful, often fatal, effects.

Application Rate:
5 Kg. Per tone of feed, or dependent on level of toxin contamination.

20 Kg. Bags.

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